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Slow Internet Browsing After 10.6.8

After updating OS X to 10.6.8 internet / web browsing seems very slow. It seems that switching IPV6 to off rather than automatically in Network Settings seems to help. Hopefully this gets addressed the next update.

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AVI and Mac: Video Converting to MP4 and More…

To view AVI files and more on your MAC without issues download and install PERIAN. To convert any file, such as AVI to a MAC friendly or FinalCut friendly version, download and install MPEG Streamclip.

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iTeleport – A remote solution for IT professionals

iTeleport is a great tool for individuals, such as myself, that would rather remote access a clients computer than have to physically be in their office. In some cases this also comes in handy with friends are family that aren’t tech savvy. The program is simple. Install it, enter a Gmail ID and you’re VNCing [...]

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iPhone 4 White Antenna Issues Persist

For those of you wondering if Apple has secretly fixed the iPhone 4 antenna issue with the release of the elusive White iPhone 4. Rest assured, they have not. I went by the Apple store to run some tests and it turns out that two things are true. The antenna problem persists. Using the “death [...]

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XBMC Setup – Apple TV

Plugin ATV2 and configure the device. Disconnect, connect to your laptop and run Seas0nPass. Re-connect ATV2 to the tv. SSH into the ATV2. ssh root@ root@’s password: ”enter your password here, it should be “alpine” if you haven’t changed it” apt-get install wget wget -O- | apt-key add – echo “deb stable main” [...]

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