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Billings Database & Dropbox

Your Billings database folder is located at USER/Library/Application Support/Billings

I simply moved this to my Dropbox folder and then created a symbolic link from the moved folder and then moved this link back to ..Application Support

So when Billings is launched it looks for the billings folder in application support and sees a fake billings folder that actually points to the correct billings folder in the dropbox.

* Creating an alias won’t do the same thing as a symbolic link. To understand how to create a symbolic link go to http://tinyurl.com/cpmoc4

Once you understand what it is, you can use this GUI tool which will add Create Symbolic Link to the contextual menu in OS X.

To install it on Snow Leopard, read below...

1. Open the folder titled “Library” at the root of your boot disk. Make sure there is a folder there named “Services”. If the folder doesn’t exist, then make one with exactly that name (without the quotes, of course). If you are not the system administrator, or you do not want the service to be available to available to all users on the system, then use the Library folder inside your home directory instead.

2. Copy the “SymbolicLinker.service” bundle into the Services folder.

3. Either log out and log back in again, or reboot your computer, or (even easier) run SymbolicLinker.service once by double-clicking on it. Either one of those things will force the OS to update its list of services. SymbolicLinker is programmed to stay in memory for a short period of time, and then automatically quit when it is no longer needed. When it is not running, it will still show up in the services list, so this is a purely memory-saving move.

4. You should also make sure that the service is enabled (sometimes it is by default, sometimes it isn’t). To do that, open System Preferences, open the Keyboard preference pane, open the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, click on Services, and scroll through the list until you see the “Make Symbolic Link” service. If the service is checked, then it will appear in the Finder. If it isn’t, then it won’t.


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