Billings Database & Dropbox

Your Billings database folder is located at USER/Library/Application Support/Billings I simply moved this to my Dropbox folder and then created a symbolic link from the moved folder and then moved this link back to ..Application Support So when Billings is launched it looks for the billings folder in application support and sees a fake billings [...]

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Outlook 2011 Mac Contextual Menu

Apple and Microsoft don’t always play nice. A perfect example is the new Office 2011 for Mac not having any default contextual menus in OS X. This is a quick way to add a option in the contextual menu to Add as Attachment… Launch the application found in the /Applications folder. You’ll first be [...]

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AVI and Mac: Video Converting to MP4 and More…

To view AVI files and more on your MAC without issues download and install PERIAN. To convert any file, such as AVI to a MAC friendly or FinalCut friendly version, download and install MPEG Streamclip.

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