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How to get AirPrint working on Mac OS 10.6

AirPrint is a great new feature for iPad or iPhone users which gives you the ability to print directly from your device if you’re running iOS 4.2 or later.

Natively, AirPrint can print via WiFi to several supported HP printers (list to come). If, however, you would like to use your existing networked printer there are a few extra steps involved to get it working.

Luckily they’re fairly simple.

The three system files below will have to be replaced with these there are very simple instructions in this file.
The easiest way to access these files is… From Finder’s “Go” menu > select “Go to folder…”. That will bring up a window where to can type the path to the file, ie: /usr/libexec/cups/filter

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  1. Christopher Aceto says:

    A paid option is an application called Printopia. For $9.99 you can install Printopia on your Mac and it will do basically the same thing as the hack. Much easier solution for the technologically averse.

  2. Christopher Aceto says:

    Apparently Hacktivator also works well and it’s free.

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