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iPhone 4 White Antenna Issues Persist

For those of you wondering if Apple has secretly fixed the iPhone 4 antenna issue with the release of the elusive White iPhone 4. Rest assured, they have not.

I went by the Apple store to run some tests and it turns out that two things are true.

  1. The antenna problem persists. Using the “death grip” or as I like to call it “the way to properly hold a cell phone”, the bars drop anywhere from 2-3. I tested on Rogers network. Pretty sure it doesn’t make a difference, unless your on AT&T in which case it’s much worse.
  2. The White iPhone 4 is actually slightly thicker than the Black iPhone 4. It’s about a half of a millimetre, so it’s barely noticeable but it’s there. Apparently, it’s due to the fact that during manufacturing of the white, an additional coat was required to stop light seepage. Apple doesn’t make note of it in the specifications. Neither would I, it’s too slight to warrant making “official” note of it.

Overall, I’m disappointed with myself for actually entertaining the idea of buying it to replace my black one. It’s the same phone, but white. IMO, white looks dumb with a bumper on it. I was hoping that the antenna issue was secretly fixed in which case I would have opted for a naked white iPhone 4. But seeing as this stupid case has to be on either of them, I’ll keep my money in my pocket… for now.

Oh well.

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  1. Rockallite says:

    I’m really disappointed about white iPhone 4. The antenna issue needs a completely redesign to fix.

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