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Multiple Dropbox Instances on Windows

Dropboxen enables you to run multiple Dropbox clients concurrently by automatically launching multiple instances of Dropbox.exe as different Windows users so Dropbox will store the shared files in each unique Windows user directory.

Usage Instructions

Once downloaded, unzip the files to your Dropbox installation folder. The default Dropbox installation folder is C:\Program Files\Dropbox\.

Open Dropboxen.xml in Notepad (or your favorite text editor) and modify the username and password for each account entry. You have to create the accounts manually in Windows before using this tool. Copy and paste an account line to add more accounts, or just type it out.

To create the Windows user accounts, please follow these simple instructions:

Windows 7

Dropboxen does NOT CURRENTLY WORK on Windows 7 and fails with an “Access is denied” error message (confirmed 30 DEC 2009).

Instead, on Windows 7 or Vista you can run multiple instances of Dropbox simply using the runas command as seen here.

Alternatively, you can install one official copy of Dropbox on your Windows 7 machine and then use DropboxPortable (discontinued, now use DropboxPortableICE) to fire up additional Dropboxes without the need to create additional users. For this to work, you must install an official copy first or else icon overlays and the “Dropbox” context menus may not work. Also make sure you read through until toward the end of the DropboxPortable form post to make sure you’re downloading the latest version of the software.

Note: It is possible, to fix the Access Denied issues by utilizing symbolic links… On Windows 7, I created a new user account, and utilized the “Run as” command to run root:\Users\Newuser\Appdata\Roaming\Dropbox\bin\Dropbox.exe as ‘Newuser’… While Dropbox was indeed properly syncing the files, when I attempted to open the Dropbox folder using my newly running Dropbox, it tried to open root:\Users\OLDUser\etc… I’m assuming this is a programmatic error with Dropbox… So all I did to fix it, was first I set the Dropbox dir (on the new account – new Dropbox) to root:\Users\Newuser\Documents\Dropbox2\My Dropbox. Secondly I created a sym link from root:\Users\Newuser\Documents\Dropbox2\My Dropbox\ to root:\Users\OLDUser\Documents\Dropbox2\My Dropbox and it works… Albeit a little odd, but it works. I’m not a wiki kinda guy, but I did find a solution here, so I’m sure the author can fix his Program to ‘workaround’ the Dropbox issue by creating a sym link, or he can clean up my article by explaining it better. Another fix would be setting the new Dropbox account somewhere in root… Like C:\Newdropbox\My Dropbox\…

Windows XP

You will need to create a Windows user account on your computer for each Dropbox account that you will be using. For example, if you need to connect to 3 Dropbox accounts, you will create 3 Windows user accounts on your PC. Each user account will have its own “My Dropbox” directory in each user account’s “My Documents” folder.

Windows user accounts can be added through the Windows control panel feature “User Accounts.” Launch the Windows control panel, click “Create a new account” and enter the name of your new Windows account, make sure it has administrator rights, and then click Create Account. Now set a password for this Windows user account by clicking on the account and selecting “Create a password” or else this won’t work. I chose ‘ ‘ (just a single space character) as my password for all accounts just to make it easier on myself, it just cannot be blank. Please note you must log into each new account once for the proper directories to be created.

The process on Vista is similar, just a few things are different.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <account username="(windows user account name)" password="(windows user account password)" />
    <account username="(windows user account name 2)" password="(windows user account password 2)" />

When I tested this proof of concept, I created three extra Windows usernames: Dropbox001Dropbox002 and Dropbox003. What Windows username(s) you choose is entirely up to you. Here’s my xml file: Dropboxen.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <account username="(windows user account name)" password="(windows user account password)" />
    <account username="Dropbox001" password=" " />
    <account username="Dropbox002" password=" " />
    <account username="Dropbox003" password=" " />

PLEASE NOTE: The “Dropbox001″ and other usernames specified in the XML file are WINDOWS usernames, not Dropbox usernames!

This program requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed.

Download Dropboxen

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