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Outlook 2011 Mac Contextual Menu

Apple and Microsoft don’t always play nice. A perfect example is the new Office 2011 for Mac not having any default contextual menus in OS X.

This is a quick way to add a option in the contextual menu to Add as Attachment…

  1. Launch the Automator.app application found in the /Applications folder. You’ll first be asked to choose a template for your workflow. For this simple workflow, we want to select Service. A Service will appear as an item in a contextual menu when you right-click or Control-click something. Click the Choose button to continue.
  2. At the top of the workflow window for Service receives selected followed by a couple of drop-down menus. Set this part of the workflow to read: Service receives selected files or folders in any application.
  3. Locate the Create New Outlook Mail Message action and drag it into the right pane of the Automator window.
  4. The new action will attach itself to the above action. This indicates that anything from the first action, which receives selected files or folders, will be passed along to the second action, which is to create a new Outlook mail message. Congratulations! You’ve just created a workflow!
  5. Select Save from the File menu to save your new Service. Name it something descriptive such as “Attach to email message in Outlook”. 

Automator should automagically save the workflow to the ~/Library/Services folder. Restart your Mac and right click on an image, document, whatever.. You should see an option to Attach to email message in Outlook.

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