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Snow Leopard Server, CUPS, AirPrint

Getting AirPrint to work on Snow Leopard Server was a bit more tedious than getting it running on Snow Leopard 10.6.5.

Truthfully, I’m not entirely sure how I got it to finally work. I’ll highlight the steps that seem most logical. Remember, this is for SLS only not OS X consumer version.

  1. Plugin your USB printer. System Preferences > Printers > + Add the printer normally.
  2. Install Hacktivator. (This is for OS X, but I ran it anyway… not entirely sure why, but it seemed to work briefly.)
  3. Open Safari and visit http://localhost:631
    1. Click the Administration tab
    2. Select the option “Share printers connected to this system“. Click Change Settings to apply.
  4. Open Server Admin. Click your servername on the left.
    1. Settings tab, Services > enable Print
    2. On the left select Print. Click Queues.
    3. Add your printer if it’s not already there. If you see it select it.
    4. At the bottom, select LPR > Show name in Bonjour
  5. Use the AirPrint files replacement hack.
  6. System Preferences > Printers. Delete the printer.
  7. Add the printer again.
  8. Restart. That should be it. If not… you’re probably really close to getting it to work. I’m sure you’ll get it.

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