How to get AirPrint working on Mac OS 10.6

AirPrint is a great new feature for iPad or iPhone users which gives you the ability to print directly from your device if you’re running iOS 4.2 or later. Natively, AirPrint can print via WiFi to several supported HP printers (list to come). If, however, you would like to use your existing networked printer there [...]

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How to get AirPrint working on Windows

Currently AirPrint is a Mac only feature. Oh Steve… Want to get AirPrint working with your Windows computer and networked printer? The AirPrint Activator Tool works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows: Step 1: Choose your OS Step 2: Open “Printer” in System references, right click on your printer and open settings, activate the share [...]

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Multiple Dropbox Instances on Windows

Description Dropboxen enables you to run multiple Dropbox clients concurrently by automatically launching multiple instances of Dropbox.exe as different Windows users so Dropbox will store the shared files in each unique Windows user directory. Usage Instructions Once downloaded, unzip the files to your Dropbox installation folder. The default Dropbox installation folder is C:\Program Files\Dropbox\. Open [...]

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